Monthly Archives: February 2008

Hip Hop for white people

the excellently named Cats And Beer have a


listen of the top ten songs ‘white people love’. The Author claims he has ‘studied white people for almost 27 years’, and these are his findings.The post is hilarious, with lines like:10. Positive K – I Got A Man ‘White Girls in particular love this song because it gives them a chance to playfully reject a male suitor’s advances on the dance floor before blowing him at the end of the night. It’s empowering.’

Updating My Links

So it has come to my attention that i need to update the links on my page. Is this a sign people actually look at this shit?Anyhoo, if you’ve asked for a link via twitter or by comments, can you remind me?Or, if you just read a killer blog or site and think it should be in my list, lemme know.Oh, and i know the podcast kinda fell off the rails, thanks again for the people that have asked for a new episode, it will be back real damn soon, i promise.

This is Why Youtube Exists…

I’ve seen a hell of a lot of weird and wonderful Youtube clips (as i’m sure you have too..) that its about time i start sharing them again. My favourites tend to be those weird clips taking from a webcam… Here are a random few that have caught my eye recently.Survivor, by Destiny’s Child. Ukulele Style.Some Random Kid reviews Rambo.Some other Random Kid Having A Bad Day:that last one just breaks my heart on so many levels. please if you’re gonna comment, be nice..