Monthly Archives: December 2007

He’s Been Dead For A While

Merry Christmas listeners!


its the usual crap, like:name that movie!worst film of all time? holy smoke? drawing the distinction between good-bad (like Gigli) and Bad-bad (like holy smoke)special guest, brie trenerry!speed racer.. then its homework:final destination 2 … which leads to “the final girl” cliche in horror..reign of fire.. justin was right, balltearer!is it the british mad max? your homework for this week:brie: they live!justin: tremorspete : a christmas storyAs well as your homework, can you guys please tell us the worst films you’ve ever seen?

7th Heaven

Episode seven has arrived…We discuss the election some more, mainly my conspiracy theory about Howard and Costello. Before discussing Abbott and Dr Nelson, and what’s in store for the Libs.then its a bit on the Gamespot Brouhaha – do different rules apply on the big bad web?I do a review on Old Man River, a band a caught on the weekend.Then its the FulltimeCasual Media club.. We discuss Benders Big Score, but i still havent seen Reign of Fire..Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch Final Destination 2, and catch up on Dexter.