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Good Fucking Lord

Can Dexter get any better?I doubt it, but i can’t wait to find out.Also, keep a close eye on Dexter’s hair, when he’s stressed, and trying to fit in with the humans, his hair becomes a ridiculously 70’s bouffant. When he’s cool, calm and collected, his hair is cool.And for those that still hate Debra, can i give you the quote:”she’s obviously a vampire. a gross, pale, english, titty vampire”Just brilliant.

Advance Australia Fair

Podcast Episode Six.Well, we get straight into it with a discussion of the best free to air tv show I’ve seen in a long time, the Election. After that, its our standard crap of stuff that doesnt really matter, like Grand Theft Auto being the bestest thing in the whole damn world. Did i say sliced bread could suck my balls? Sounds like it..Then Justin talks about Waitress, which despite having Nathan Fillion, aint that great.Then its a new segment, The FulltimeCasual Media Club, your homework, if you choose to accept it, is to watch Reign Of Fire and Bender’s Big Score. You can also watch Nathan Fillion in Slither while you’re at it..I try to close the show, but all this talk of Fillion gets Justin hot and bothered, so we chat a bit more about him, and why he should’ve been the star of Indian Jones Begins. Enjoy.

Howards End

To make this years election coverage more exciting,


I’ve created a bingo card of the most important seats to watch, based on Antony Green’s analysis, with images stolen fromGoogle Maps excellent Electoral Guide. The Bingo Card shows who currently holds the seat, and also the current frontrunner to win the seat based on Centrebets odds.For instance, the seat of Bennelong pictured here.I’ll admit I got the idea for the card from The Liberals, who released a card of Rudd cliches before the Rudd Howard debate. Which is kind of grown up way of saying “You started it..”If you’re not the kind of person to be glued to Antony Green’s coverage on Election Night, then why not cut up the card and use it to run an office sweep. The seat with the biggest swing against the incumbent wins.Enjoy.. Please Note: If you downloaded the card yesterday you missed out on NSW, which contains the very fun to watch seats of Bennelong, Wentworth, Parramatta, and of course, Eden Monaro.. Please redownload the card now! Download Your Card Here.

Episode 4: A New Hope

star wars sucks ballsis he a sellout?or is it the goiter?the film is better than the book…dexter (again)johnny guitarcahiers du cinemaabout a boyda vinci codeclockwork orangelolitathe shining2001what can we say, kubrick can throw a film together…i love 70’s playboyShoot Em Up! – it hurt, it really hurt…This American Life, the tv show (hello ted!)Good Episode…Zune 2 has one great feature…Today Tonight Vs The Chaser…Channel Seven, we thought you were cool, or atleast friendly, in a Mel and Kochie way…

Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

the difficult third podcast is a much more sober and thought out affair. We discuss:ron moore was so impressed by fulltimecasual episode 2 he gave us a preview copy of razor:old school cylons, six, cain, battles, oh my! (there are a few spoilers, so fire up bt if you havent already…)house is back on my high rotation, trying to get it back on justins…i gave chuck another go.. i dig it, despite its obvious flaws.check it out if you have a few spare gigs this month..the new dilemma of our time :Brewsters Millions… hmm.. are we gonna get arrested for this?maybe we should plead the fifth, or the Alan Jones defense, or was it Bill O’Reilly?This weeks indepth look at a show is on Dexter…  (which is a kickarse website, by the way..)And then a little bit on why i still think South Park is relevant.. Not subtle, but relevant…Justin saw some stuff:Below is better than he expected…Biker Boyz was not..Weird tangent – what films have you walked out on?Transformers hurt me.. oh welland thats about it.. despite our best efforts, this still weighs in at just over an hour..

Episode 2 : The Bravo Institute

Well, its a biggun…After getting off to a flying start (for us atleast) we discussGet This being cancelled,Being Raised on TV and Film,and Movie OS Battlestar Galactica for about 40 minutes,before moving on to what the future holds for the human race,Idiocracy?or Large Penises and Pert Breast?then after a little too long away from the mics quenching our thirst, we hit record again and discussFanboys, and what to do if you think you’re one..I dont know whether its fatigue from BSG or the beers we had consumed, but if you can stick with us til the 1 hour mark, you can actually hear or braincells dying..Might take it easier for episode 3.. then again, maybe not..