Monthly Archives: October 2007

Fulltime Casual Podcast, Episode One

Finally! after months of talking about it, here is the Fulltime Casual podcast.


After a few moments trying to work out what the podcast is about, we get down to discussingthe new fall season…Colbert for President! Previous Candidates… Our Crappy ElectionThe Worm! BoxcuttersThe TV SetBonus Rant: My Big Fat Greek Wedding New Series of House… Richard Dawkins – everyone’s favourite atheist. NCIS makes me want to kill myself and others…And yet we still love House. 30 Rock is not Studio 60…Tina Fey Rocks! The US Office doesn’t actually suck…I’m man enough to admit i like Mean Girls.and Josie and the Pussycats…Heroes isn’t really grabbing us this year… Maybe it’s Lost its way…Radiohead’s InRainbows.. Download it, its free! Razor is Coming…Download here or subscribe to the Podcast Feed..(iTunes Coming Soon…)

This American Life (again)

I’ve mentioned the brilliant program This American Life a few times before, but I’ll mention it again, because it just continues to amaze me.This week i had a mini-holiday, and spent alot of time just wandering about with my iPod on. I’d ran out of new Podcasts by the second day, so i opened up iTunes to look for new stuff. Thats when i realised old episodes of This American Life can be bought through iTunes for 99 cents.


The episodes were:Everyday Macgyver Moments20 Acts in 60 Minutes Godless Americaand, The Allure Of Crime. All we’re random picks, and all were the usual high quality. But that final episode, The Allure of Crime, was exceptional. If you’ve never heard this American Life before, start here (you can listen for free clicking the link).

Austereo are a bunch of Fucking Morons.

I just heard that Tony Martin will be “getting the arse” after this year, by the fucking morons at Austereo. 


Tony Martins Get This has been the best radio program in a decade, and the one thing that has brought me back to commercial radio, after a solid two years of listening to nothing but my iPod and podcasts.I really dont understand how corporate media works. They seem to only promote the most mundane crap and cancel anything thats good.Austereo, Get This was your Arrested Development. The intelligent, hilarious show that made up for the rest of the crap you broadcast. The show that made me think you werent as stupid as you clearly are.I only hope another network will see Austereo’s mistake, and throw wads of cash at messieurs Martin, Kavalee, and Marsland.  And maybe, just maybe, they will allow the boys to play music that they want to play, not the high rotation shit from the Triple M catalogue.Very bloody angry….

Sick to fuck of LOLspeak

hey kids,


i’ll admit that i thought lolcats were cute too for about 3 minutes earlier this year, but man they got old quickly. i really hoped the fad would be short lived, but like pictures of britney spears vagina, they just keep coming back.Anyhoo, while i can handle coming across the odd lolcat, i draw the line at lolspeak. Jesus, its only funny when there’s a fucking cat involved! It’s not rocket science people.And if my twitterfeed is anything to go by, the only people who find lolspeak amusing are (ex)Microsoft employees…please kids, make it stop.