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Free Domain Names

Every now and then i get the idea for a cool site, but much like the guys in Knocked Up, i get distracted and never bother to follow through.So now I’ve got a butt load of domain names i’m not really using, but would still love to see given a good home by a caring webmaster. Someone like Nathan Barley.If you think that could be you, let me know.So far I have : a bbpress powered forum for whinging about how shit Connex are…Dole Diary. It started as a blog about being on the dole, but goddammit, i accidentally got employed. I’d love it to become a place where any decent Australian could anonymously post stories of Centrelink fraud, but i dont really know how to set that up…Jesus Phone Sightings.This was a one second joke about Australian iPhone sightings that didnt even last the second… Fucked if i know what anyone could do with it.The Geek WhispererWas supposed to be a portal for geeks to meet non geeks and share information. For instance, a geek could teach a noob about WordPress, and a noob could teach a geek about dating…One’s that haven’t been updated in ages, but i’m still going to use one day are:Name Already Taken.i just couldnt believe that name wasnt already taken… Melbourne Bad Film Club.Just needs a venue and some time on my part…and, ahem, Perfection Babelog…cos i gotta make money out of atleast one site… 🙂Geek Whisperer Goes to Ajay!Look at the effort the boy put in to win the name:Ajay’s mock sitevery impressive….But can’t anyone do something with Dole Diary?

Free Melbourne Wifi Map

Hey,for the interest of visitors to the fine city of Melbourne, here is a map I put together of free Melbourne wifi hotspots. I made it for a friend, but I’m sure someone else might find it usefulView Larger MapAll these hotspots are free as in beer, not free as in sign up for at McDonlads for telstra access at only $7000 per minute or megabyte, whichever comes first…

Fat, Dumb, Rich…

Was the name of an excellent


3 part BBC series on the United States.I’m reminded of it by the view from my office. Who on earth are these people, and why do they line up for “doughnuts” from Krispy Kreme?Everyday, all day, the line for Krispy Kreme goes out the door. Have you tasted that shit? Its fucking revolting.I was pondering this the other day with a client, and she suggested i buy 2 “doughnuts” and perform some experiments.Experiment One: How long does it take a KK “doughnut” to fully dissolve in water? My guess is less than 2 minutes.Experiment Two: How long does it take for a sealed KK “doughnut” to go mouldy? My guess, 6 to 8 months.I wish there was i way of conducting this experiment without giving the KK my money..

10,000 Page Views!

Hello, I was doing a bit of house cleaning of this little blog. I wanted to make the comments that you, dear reader, have submitted more visible. I really enjoy reading the comments – even yours, Paul – so they’re now available on the sidebar under “You Guys”.Anyhoo, as i was rearranging the sidebar i thought, bugger it, I’m taking down the google ads. But then i wondered how much i had made since sticking them in 6 months ago. Brace yourself guys, in six months of made a total of $4.26. Beers are on me!But then i saw the other stat that made my day. Sometime in the last week, i received my 10,000th page view! Bizarre.Now i know some sites average 10,000 hits a day. Good on them. But they probably also offer good content. I’m just a bored dude wasting my time in the hope some other bored dude can waste a few minute popping by. So i’m chuffed.So thanks, you made my day, whoever you are.Oh, and about the google ads, i thought i’d try the less ugly text ads at the bottom of the posts for a while, let me know what you think.Pete.