Monthly Archives: July 2007

Go Zach!

I know its not cool to admit to liking Big Brother,


but fuck it, I’ve always loved Big Brother. But this year has been just so boring…But in a strange twist of fate, because this year has been so fucking boring, its allowed the one interesting housemate, the lovely Zach, to sneak into the final two spots, and have a real chance of winning Big Brother.An interesting housemate winning Big Brother has never happened in Australia. The first BB Sara Marie lost to whats his face. Then it was that boring guy, followed by the guy who ended up on Fat Celebrity. Reggie was kinda interesting, only because she was the female equivalent of all the previous boring blokes who had won previously. Closest we got was Tim Brunero in 2004, but even he lost to whats his face version 4.Either way, I’m so glad Travo got the arse-o.So, after 7 years of watching the type of people i used to hate in high school lounge around admiring their abs in the mirrors, finally, i’m excited by a Big Brother finale. And fuck it, I’m even going to vote..Join me friends. SMS Zach to 199 2SAVE.

Once Upon A Hamster

Not about Richard Gere….For years now I’ve been talking about a show i remembered as a child that had little hamsters flying planes, driving cars, and generally piss-farting about..I’ve asked at different places on the web, but most people think it must be some kind of drug induced flash back..But, god bless Tony Martin’s Get This, someone else remember this… The caller thought it was called “hammy the hamster”, not true. Apparently, that show was actually called “Tales of the Riverside”. I checked it out, but it was not the hamster i was looking for… A few more clicks with the googles brought me to “Once Upon A Hamster”, where i foud this gem:See. The drugs had nothing to do with it….


Hey, Steve Bracks, (or Hymie) resigned this morning. I found out first, of course, via Twitter. What do i know about our once fearless leader? Fuck all really, although apparently he would become Visibly Aroused when giving press conferences…Anyhoo, there was something about this picture on the age website that reminded me of lolcats:


Bracksy, you can has cheezburgr.

Death Cat


Meet Oscar. He See’s Dead People.Or rather, he snuggles up to people just before they die. According to this article at the beeb, Oscar does the rounds at the Steere House Nursing Home, but is “generally not friendly” to the patients, until he can sense they’re about to die. Then he snuggles up to them.If Oscar is taken out of the room, he meows outside the door in protest. Apparently, most patients don’t find this creepy, rather they appreciate the warning Oscar brings, so they can say their last goodbyes to loved ones…I’m a cat person, but i dont want a snuggle from Oscar any time soon.(Thanks Steven)