Monthly Archives: May 2007

Long Time No Post

hey kids.i’m always fascinated when people ask me about this site, or i get emails/feedback from something. i just assume that myself and the search bots are the only ones reading this blog. but for some reason, someone out there is reading this, so this post is for you.sorry i havent posted for a while, i’m working on my own project (project x), and have also been contracted for company x to do some work for them, so i’ve been extremely busy.but my constant need for stimulation, and my severe ADD, means i can share a few quick links and entertainment for you all.first up, the funniest audio i’ve heard in a long time*edit* motherfuckers broke my blog. thats why youtube won kids, cos it just worked…next, a great youtube clip on a growing social problem:the lifehacker (better than average site) guide to the ultimate mac appsthats about it for me right now.but in the meantime, you can see what else i’ve been up to in reagards to project x over at Dole Diary., or check out my girlfriends art at her site, plus a few other sites for artists i’m hosting for free, cos i think there work is interesting, but last time a checked they hadnt updated their sites:NatashaMiamy practical joke site at Name Already Takenor simply get useless updates about everything and anything over on twitter. Basically, i’m surgically attached to my laptop at the moment, so if you’re really interested, you’ll be able to cyberstalk me.cheers,Pete.