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The Bagina Monologues


Well, despite my best intentions, Harry Potter’s cock is still my most viewed entry. If you cant beat ’em, join ’em…Actually, this post is not really a blatant attempt to get more readers by showing nude celebrities, but rather based on a discussion I had with my girlfriend last night over the holy trinity of gossip, Britney, Paris and Lindsay..What can be said about this multiple train wreck that hasn’t been said before? Probably nothing, but thats ok. I rarely read the text in gossip mags, i just skim the pictures and headlines, so I’ll be coming at it fresh.What I find truly fascinating is why these women would decide to make their lives a neverending soap opera. I’m sure in the short term it boosts their careers, and gets them into all the best clubs for nothing, but is that really sustainable? Then again, who gives a fuck about sustainabilty when you’re worth $150 million? I wouldn’t. The problem all these women face, apart from the obvious, is over exposure. People love watching celebrities, and finding out all they can about them. But celebrities are like a buffet, take too much and eventually you’ll get sick.BritneyBritney is an extremely intelligent woman. I honestly believe that. She has manipulated the media since she first burst onto the pop world. Her first image was the ultimate unobtainable sex object, a school girl. Now, that didnt actually do it for me, but i can understand that it did for alot of people. She compounded this image by saying she was a virgin, just long enough until the christina’s etc started stealing her spotlight. Then all of a sudden we kept hearing of all the “crazy sex parties” she was involved in.Since then, she has always maintained a push-pull control over her image. That is, one day she’s the successful signer, the next she’s drunk and getting married in vegas. Then she releases a hit single with Madonna, only to marry K-Fed a week later. This, in marketing, is the classic “push/pull”. One week you love them, next week you’re concerned about them. It doesn’t matter why, just as long as they evoke some kind of emotion in you. Continually.Brit’s been riding this push/pull cycle for years, but it seems only recently she met her mentor in this cycle. But more on that later.LindsayLindsay breaks my heart. I had never seen Lindsay until i grabbed a copy of Mean Girls on DVD just to complete a rent-one-get-one-free-deal at my local video store. And to be honest, i only grabbed mean girls because Lindsay looked amazing on the front cover.But Mean Girls was a great film, and Lindsay was fine in it. But Lindsay seems to be the worst of the 3. Where as Britneys high and lows seem manufactured to always keep her in the news, Lindsays seem like the real deal. Who knows, maybe Lindsay is such an amazing actor that her downward spiral is all a clever trick, but even then, it cantbe doing her well.ParisAnd then there’s Paris. The true media whore who is famous for only being famous. In her short time on the gossip radar she has behaved just as badly as Lindsay and Britney, but her actions never seem to stick. I had assumed that she’d disappear long before the others, but my girlfriend disagreed, and i realise now she is right.Paris, despite being an empty vessel of a celebrity, is actually the most media savvy. While Britney and Lindsay fight over the the rights to be on the cover of Gossip Rags, Paris appears there naturally.They all practice the push/pull method, but only Paris understands the over exposure syndrome. Also, Paris, despite being famous for only being famous, is setting the trend for Britney and Lindsay to follow.I know i promised a sleazy post featuring upskirts, and i promise it’s coming, but i think I’ll leave this post here… Sorry.

Twitter : Pointless Perfection


My 3 favourite podcasters can’t stop talking about twitter, and neither can I. In case you don’t know, my 3 favourites would be Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, and Veronica Belmont.So what the hell is it, and why should you care? Well, at its worst Twitter is pure and simple timewasting, more annoying Web 2.0 clutter to distract you. At its best Twitter is pure and simple time wasting, but it has the potential for so much more. One useful application of Twitter, if you’re a tight arse like me, would be to get all you friends to join Twitter, and have them activate SMS notification. Then, if anyone wants to send a really important message like, “Going to the pub. Come” That message will be instantly sent to all your friends, for the price of one sms. Better still, if you send it from your computer, its a group SMS for free. The only catch is that everyone else on the planet with Twitter will also get your message. Its a small price for freedom.Ok, so that hasn’t sold you huh? Well bear in mind that Twitter is brand new, and there are ALOT of things that need to change for it to reach its potential, or atleast the potential I see for it. The most obvious feature Twitter must include is the ability to assign groups to the people on your friends list. At the moment, you can switch on SMS notification for all of your friends all of the time, some of your friends all of the time, or none of your friends. What would make  Twitter nearly perfect for me is if i could  set it to receive SMS’s from all of my friends between, say 6pm and 10pm,  but during  9am and 6pm I only recieved messages from my family, best friend, boss, etc. Likwise, I could ban my boss tweeting me (seriously, thats what its called) when I’m at home.The next feature I’d add would be the ability to send a semi-private message. Again, twitter only has two messages when it comes to sending; Send to everyone, or just one person. With a simple group setting, i could send one message to my work group (I’m sick) and one to my friends group (Wanna see a movie?) These simple options would make twitter almost ideal. I can’t help but wonder though, whether Obvious, (Twitters Creator) will actually bring functionality to Twitter. I know many people already using the service to send heaps of free SMS’s everyday. Perhaps if Twitter had a point, it would collapse under its own popularity. 

Random Links

To keep you from getting bored..Kevin Smith has a podcast!Merlin Mann has a video podcast! Camino Browser (a firefox clone written in cocoa) has a new version. Why bother, eh? Cos it uses far less memory than firefox. Safari is still my main browesr, but until it supports WordPress fully, Camino is now my posting browser.Oh, and because my highest viewed article is still Harry Potter’s cock, I’m writing a think piece on Britney’s Bagina. It’ll be very high brow, so stay tuned.

Copyright Infringement : This Time Its Personal.


Thanks to Lavo, Kuma, nbetts, marc and a few others at Mactalk for keeping the the mammoth copyright/ piracy thread alive. Its definitely an issue that just wont go away for young geeks, and i feel i should respond again.My whole idea for this blog was to right about the issues i saw in the film and television production worlds, which i pretend to inhabit, and the geekosphere that i cant seem to leave. Its no wonder then that I’m obsessed with copyright, as its here both my spheres meet most often and fiercely. Looking over the viewing figures of my site though, its clear I’m not the only one obsessed with copyright. Up until yesterday my 5 page rant on Australian Televisions pathetic response to “Channel BT” was the most viewed article at Fulltime Casual. Then yesterday I posted a link to Harry Potter nude, and anything i had to say fell into the background. (note to self, post more nude celebrities)But back to copyright/piracy. Why is it such a big concern today? Nobody cared when i was a kid. Well obviously technology has made piracy so damn easy. An mp3 can be sent around the world a hundred times in minutes. A tv show is not that far behind for some lucky bastards with decent pipes. I can completely understand why the recording and motion picture industries are terrified about this, and for a long time as a hopeful content provide, i was quietly terrified myself.But then i realised my complete hypocrisy.I have been a pirate all my life. Hmmm, should i be writing this? Probably not, but its just too damn annoying saying “friends i know that pirate…””i’d never use bit torrent but apparently…” etc etc. I’m sick of continually trying to deny the fact that almost everyone i know has enjoyed a pirated film/tv show/song in their time. And i don’t think denying this will actually help change the laws surrounding copyright.To make laws that man cannot, and will not obey, serves to bring all law into contempt.–E.C. StantonLet me explain. I’ve never pirated anything to rip off an artist, or to fund terrorist sleeper cells. I’ve pirated for one reason only. I’m poor. I always have been. I’m not saying this for sympathy, because even though I’ve always been poor, I’ve been poor in Australia, and thats a damn sight better the some places you could find youself poor in. I have decent healthcare, a decent education, a decent HECS debt, overall, a fairly decent life.But still, as a child, i grew up in a single parent household in a Housing Commision estate. We simply didnt have that much money to spend on “luxuries”. So when i heard a song on the radio I loved, I didnt run to the local record store and buy it, I would sit up on the weekend for “The Hot 40 countdown” and I’d record it off the radio. Despite being a huge fan of music, I can only remember two singles and one album i ever actually paid for. All You Zombies by the Hooters, Blue Monday ’88 by New Order, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What can i say, i was a weird child.But that was my entire bought collection for the first 16 years of my life. But man, i had about three thousand mixtapes.Likewise with film. When I was eight years old, i left the cinema after a screening of Back to The Future and announced to my mum i was going to be a filmmaker. 21 years later i still tell her that, and I’m sure one day she’ll believe me. Did i buy the video of Back to the Future? Of course not. I taped it off the tv. Somewhere in Sydney is my childhood collection of VHS tapes. Its ana amazing collection to sift through. Most film have the ads removed, no small feet considering our vcr didnt have a remote. The films that don’t are probably more fun to watch these days for the cheesy commercials that pop up between them. I know I have a copy of The Terminator somewhere that is interrupted ever ten minutes with Greg Evens invite you to “Play Scrabble at McDonalds.”Either way, i never pirated anything for any other reason than because i couldnt afford to buy it. Sure, under all applicable laws thats theft. I’m not arguing it isn’t. But I’ve never been able to care all that much. Perhaps it was poverty, perhaps it was my damn lefty teachers, perhaps I’m simply immoral. But I just don’t care.Hmmm, this post was meant to be entirely different, but it kind of got out of hand, sorry about that. I think I’ll end it here for now and join you again in my late teens/early twenties, when I had a disposable income and bought many cd’s, dvd’s and books, just like a good little consumer is supposed to…

Things That Suck


dammit, just trying to get stuff done and i’m being confronted by a million little annoyances. Here are just two:USB devices that dont charge via USB! Worse still are USB device that actually drain down a battery whil connected to a USB port. Yeah, I’m talking about you Sony, and your shittly little Cybershot…Power Adapters that are so fat they block the plug next to them. Jesus, I’m sitting in a room with about 300 electrical devices and 4 available plugs. Worst offender; My Old Sharp gx25 Mobile Phone, that sucker was designed so that the adapter would stretch accross 3 plugs! Seriously, WTF?I’d take a photo but i can’t because my camera is flat and i burned the charger in disgust…

Twit Just Broke My Brain!

Oh my god!


TWIT 89 simply was the greatest episode of anything ever! Ok, maybe not, but by good it was good. Leo’s mellifluous voice welcomed the always hilarious John C. Dvorak ( Patrick Norton was there to take John on whenever needed. Merlin Mann, the funniest person in podcasting today also rose to the challenge of Dvorak, as he proved he could the week before.Also, it should be known that Merlin is a little “somethin’ for the ladies,” my female geek friends love him. And then of course, we had “something for the fella’s”, Veronica Belmont, the amazingly cute techie from Buzz Out Loud. Veronica is easily the hottest non fictional sex symbol in the geek world.Veronica’s only competition in the Geek world is Claire from Heroes, but thats not exactly a fair fight. After all, Claire is a cheerleader with superpowers who will one day save the world. Plus, she’s a cheerleader that fell in love with a geek.Either way. Best. Twit. Ever

Here Be Pirates

On my favourite forum, MacTalk Australia, discussions of piracy, ethics and bit torrent bubble up every few months.Because piracy and television are near and dear to my heart, i always join in on these discussions. The funny thing is, someone always seems to argue that “piracy funds terrorists”.Ohh, scary!Now the people I know who “pirate” television do so for the own personal use, so I don’t see how this arguement is relevant. Still, the position is always argued. So I decided, once and for all, to put it to the test. Why do you pirate television, if you do (you awful, dirty people). I personally don’t. Pirating makes Baby Jesus cry.[poll=1]

Refresh! WordPress Theme


Hi,if you’ve been visiting my site lately, (and i have to ask, why?) you may have noticed the theme changes almost every day. Sorry about that.The problem is i really love one theme, refresh, a wordpress port of a styleshout theme. But the current wordpress version is quite buggy, doesnt support widgets, and its only a two column theme.So I’m asking the amazing wordpress open source community, if you know how to do a really great port of this theme, please do it, and let me know.