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Why We Should All Respect Copyright

1 Britney Spears should be worth $150 million dollars.2 Every song you steal of the net is one less hooker a poor record producer can snort coke off.3 The recording industry cares about you. Thats why they’re willing to sue your arse into oblivion.4  When People like Britney release a single that is hyped, heavily marketed, and cynically aimed at kids with the most disposable income, it prevents annoying “artists” with “talent” from being noticed, and confusing consumers.5  TV should be aimed at the lowest common denominator, and be instantly gratifying. America’s Funniest Home Videos deserves to find an instant audience. Arrested Development should be punished for forcing its audience to think, and invest in its characters.6

Censorship, Self Censorship, & The Internet

I really don’t like offending people. And i dont go out of my way to “bait” or “troll” other people on the net. Yet somehow, in the 3 months I’ve had this site running I’ve been threatened with libel on 4 seperate occassions, and have found myself kicked off an internet forum.  So am i a troll?I would like to believe the answer is no.I’m my real life I’m a failed filmmaker, and a minimum wage worker drone. I’ve never really been a model employee in any of the shit jobs I’ve had. I’m arrogant, self righteous, and easily distracted. In one of my jobs i was 2 days away from recieving a promotion when a duty manager made one of my co-workers cry,just because she could. I was revolted, and staged a mini-strike that saw me almost fired. In hinesight it was a stupid thing to do, but what can i say, thats the kid my parents raised.Thats one side of my personality, the side that feels the need to fight injustice when I’m confronted by it. Even  if the fight is trivial. The other side of my personality, the side that makes me a shitty filmmaker, is my servere social anxiety. I never feel comfortable in the skin I’m in. I worry that I’m too short, that I’m too fat, that my teeth are crooked, that my dick’s too small, that I’m not masculine enough, that I swear too much, that I’m white trash, that I’m nouve riche, that I’m annoying, stupid, worthless, paranoid, egotistical, arrogant, smug, lazy, hyperactive, irresponsible…As Roy & HG used to say, “I’m an embarassment to myself, and a burden on the rest of you…”And thats why I love the net.None of that shit matters here. I can give as much or as little of my personality away as I want. If i dont like a certain place, I can leave, and know that I’ll soon enough find a place of likeminded souls. Sure, someone can google me if they want to attack me, but fucking hell, why would you bother?